Our Project


Our tier one asset represents one of the most significant opportunities for a major new development that the resources and fertilizer sector has seen for a long time. POLY4 will supply a growing global market and the core components of our strategy are aimed at positioning the Company as one of the world’s most significant multi-nutrient fertilizer producers.

PREMIUM PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: POLY4 has been proven to increase crop yield and quality in both broad acre and high value crops.

WIDELY AVAILABLE: our disruptive market penetration strategy will see POLY4 made widely available at competitive pricing to comparable products.

LARGE-SCALE: installed production capacity of 10 Mtpa with the foundations to enable an increase to 20 Mtpa.

COST EFFECTIVE: we expect to have operating costs amongst the lowest in the industry, delivering cash margins of between 70 and 85%.

LONG-LIFE: the scale of our polyhalite deposit in North Yorkshire represents a Project asset of over 100 years.

Further details are set out in the video below and in the latest investor presentation.


The project explained

July 2017

Investor presentation