POLY4 provides a naturally occuring combination of four essential macro-nutrients and has been proven to increase yield and quality in high value and broad acre crops.

Why POLY4?

Over the next 35 years more food needs to be produced than has been to date in human history. Global food security is the macro-driver which underpins the market demand for fertilizers.

The world’s population is predicted to increase to 9 billion by 2050, placing increased demand on food production. In addition, as economies become wealthier, the demand for protein rich and high quality diets increases. Sustaining increased livestock herds requires greater efficiency from grain production and arable land.

The situation has become even more challenging as the amount of farm land available for crops is decreasing and in many places, soil is becoming increasingly deficient in the nutrients required for plant growth. In 1960, there was 4300m2 of arable land per capita - this had decreased to 2,100m2 by 2010 and is forecast to fall further to 1,800m2 by 2050.

Balanced fertilization is required to address these challenges. This practice – which can be achieved through the use of POLY4 – can maximise the land's potential because nutrients work together and a deficiency in any one of them will limit crop growth and quality – a principle known as the “law of the minimum”.

Sirius Minerals has the potential to make a major, positive contribution to global food security as it becomes one of the largest producers of multi-nutrient fertilizer.


POLY4 has four key attributes that benefit farmers by increasing their profits in a sustainable way through improved yields, reduced costs or both.


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Watch the videos below featuring our North and South American customers, ADM and Cibra, to learn how Sirius is creating a market for POLY4 by supporting farmers to create more efficient and sustainable fertilizer practices.