Sirius Minerals mine named


Sirius Minerals has announced the name of the mine at its North Yorkshire polyhalite project. The “Woodsmith Mine” name was unveiled today by Andrew Percy MP, the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse.

The Woodsmith Mine has been named after two of the original geologists that worked on the Sirius project, Mr Peter Woods and Dr Frederick Smith. Both have extensive knowledge of the local geology and were the first people in the area to work with Chris Fraser, the project founder.

Chris Fraser, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Minerals, commented:

“Without Rick and Peter’s commitment there wouldn’t be a Project and their extensive knowledge of, and passion for, the geology has been invaluable.

“They share the combination of being dedicated professionals and genuinely decent people, so I could not think of a more fitting way to recognise their immense contribution to the Project and all the benefits it has and will continue to deliver.”

“The name also implies an element of rural craftsmanship that befits both the mine’s location and our teams’ innovation and painstaking diligence towards this important project”, he added.

The men behind the inspiration for the Woodsmith name are both well-known geologists in the area. Peter Woods played a leading role in the exploration of the potash deposit that led to the development of Boulby mine in the late 1960s, where he became Chief Geologist and stayed for the next fifteen years.

Peter’s geological knowledge, coupled with his understanding of the sensitivity of the local environment, has been an important part of the development of the Sirius project.

Rick Smith was born in County Durham, where he has been based all of his working life. Having gained a first class degree and doctorate in geology from Durham University, Rick started his career in 1973 at British Steel before moving to ICI as their geologist.

Rick and his team at FWS Consultants led the initial geological appraisal, conceptual modelling, seismic interpretation and surveying, and resource exploration drilling for the project and remain involved today.

Detailed site preparation works are due to commence in April 2017, as per the Company’s construction schedule.

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