Sirius Minerals builds relations with local businesses


Sirius Minerals has reiterated its commitment to maintaining a strong local supply chain as it welcomed suppliers on a tour of its Woodsmith Mine site, near Whitby, last week. Representatives from various companies in the North Yorkshire and Teesside region who have worked with the FTSE 250 company toured the site to learn more about the £3 billion project and the opportunities available for local businesses.

The project involves sinking two 1.5km deep shafts to mine polyhalite, a multi-nutrient fertilizer. This will be hoisted to a level of 360m, where it will be transported to Teesside for processing via a 37km tunnel conveyor system.

The scheme could deliver up to £2.5bn of exports annually and 2,500 direct and indirect jobs, with numerous opportunities for local businesses along the way. The firm has already spent over £20m with local companies, including over £5m since construction began in April this year, on everything from civil engineering and construction works on site, to general corporate office support and maintenance of its Scarborough headquarters building.

“The company has always been committed to ensuring that the local community benefits from the project. Working with local businesses and developing a strong local supply chain is an important way we can do that,” said Gareth Edmunds, External Affairs Director for Sirius. “Clearly, some of the specialist construction work and knowledge we need requires us to look further afield. But wherever we can work with a local company, we look to do that.”

During the tour, guests viewed progress on the construction of the service mineshaft, where a diaphragm wall is currently being constructed, and also spent time at the newly developed Resolution House offices in Scarborough, where they received a safety briefing and a presentation from Sirius’ CEO, Chris Fraser.

Woodland Paving and Groundworks Ltd. is a Scarborough based business who has worked with Sirius Minerals for a number of years. Director Paul Douthwaite said: “the event was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the company and its work with the community, and to view the progress it is making. It’s an exciting project that will bring major benefits to the local area. We are thrilled to be a part of it and look forward to working together in the future”.

The company and its contractors continue to expand their base of local suppliers. “Our major contractors are keen to make opportunities available to businesses from the area and there will be a number of supply chain events and workshops during the construction period” said Gareth Edmunds.

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