Granting of compulsory rights under 1966 Mines Act


On the 16th October 2018, the High Court of Justice issued a sealed order granting compulsory rights under specified land in North Yorkshire to enable the company to construct and operate an underground mineral transport system. The company now has all the necessary rights to proceed with tunnel construction.

The land over which these rights are granted fall into 2 categories (b) and (c) plots of land: (b) plots where the person(s) with power to grant the right, or any of them, cannot be ascertained or cannot be found; (c) plots that the persons from whom the right must be obtained have not the necessary powers of disposition, whether by reason of effect in title, legal disability or other reason.

Sirius Minerals made the application in April 2018 to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy under the Mines (Working Facilities and Support) Act 1966 to be granted rights in order to construct, maintain and operate a tunnel, known as the Mineral Transport System for the purpose of conveying mineral and materials or substances arising from the operation of the project, from Woodsmith Mine to the Material Handling Facility at Wilton, Teesside.

A copy of the Order and associated documents can be viewed by visiting

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