Our vision is to become a world-class fertilizer business.

Strategic Priorities

Delivering results – a clear plan

A clear and robust strategy is important to achieve our vision of becoming a world‑class fertilizer business.

We have developed a strategy which is sufficiently robust to negotiate the necessary steps to operations but also flexible enough to allow for modification and optimisation during the construction phase of our North Yorkshire polyhalite Project.

    Build a world-class, long-life, low-cost production facility

    2019 Milestones2021 Target
    • Complete construction of main shafts foreshafts to enable commencement of excavation of main shafts using shaft-boring roadheaders
    • Commence mechanical tunnelling of drive 1 of the MTS and advance tunnel excavation to 3km
    • Complete early works and commence civil works for the MHF
    • Finalize commercial approach to Port facilities
    • First polyhalite.

    Develop an industry-leading product

    2019 Milestones2021 Target
    • Continue to expand global agronomy programme in conjunction with our distribution partners
    • 10 years of agronomic research validating POLY4.

    Penetrate existing markets and drive long-term value

    2019 Milestones2021 Target
    • Expand our global distribution footprint into incremental key markets
    • First customer deliveries.

    Execute a financing plan that delivers results for shareholders

    2019 Milestones2021 Target
    • Achieve financial close on all components of the stage 2 financing plan
    • First revenue.

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