Woodland Creation Scheme – Chop Gate

Over the next hundred years, £70 million will be provided to the North York Moors National Park Authority to fund the planting of mixed deciduous woodland in the area. A total of 7,000 hectares, equating to 10 million trees, will be planted to offset carbon emissions generated by mining operations and enhance the character and landscape of the National Park, while creating more diverse wildlife habitats. The programme began in 2017 and has already seen over 40,000 trees planted.

In total, over 15 hectares have been planted in the Chop Gate area alone. 5.56 hectares, or 6,500 trees were planted in the area during 2017. The design of the woodland was modified to better suit the foraging requirement of barn owls nesting in a neighbouring barn. These modifications were agreed with the Hawk and Owl Trust following a site visit and discussions with the landowner.