Our vision

The Company aims to become one of the world’s largest producers of multi-nutrient fertilizers, with the central objective of unlocking value for customers and shareholders alike.

Our approach to achieve this can be best described as one of disruptive innovation and is based around a simple strategy to ensure that maximum value can be extracted from this exceptional opportunity:

Disruptive market penetration

Throughout our global agronomy programme POLY4 has been consistently proven to increase crop yield and quality. It will be made widely available at competitive prices to comparable products.

Large-scale production capacity

It is planned for the Project to have an initial production capacity of 10 Mtpa, with the foundations for 20 Mtpa.

Cost effective

Our expectation is that our simple production infrastructure will ensure that operating costs are among the lowest in the industry.


Our polyhalite deposit is the world's largest and represents an asset in excess of 50 years.

Our objectives may evolve through each phase of the project, but our values will always remain at the heart of what we do. They guide our actions and behaviours with colleagues, partners, customers, and our community.

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