Our vision

Our vision is to be a world-class fertilizer business.

Our approach to achieve this can be best described as one of disruptive innovation and is based around a simple strategy to ensure that maximum value can be extracted from this exceptional opportunity:

Our Strategy

    Build a world-class, long-life, low cost production facility

    It is our intention to construct a production facility which enables us to maximise the potential of our unique polyhalite resource. The scale, thickness and quality of the deposit means highly efficient, bulk mining methods can be employed to maximise output over hundreds of years and these considerations are at the forefront of our approach to mine design and construction. We believe the asset we are constructing will be among the most cost-competitive multi-nutrient fertilizer producers globally.

    Develop an industry leading product

    POLY4 is a natural, low chloride, multi-nutrient fertilizer, the likes of which has never been widely available in the major growing regions of the world. POLY4 has four key attributes that benefit farmers by increasing their profits in a sustainable way through improved yields, reduced costs or both. These are; Effectiveness, Efficiency, Flexibility and Sustainability. Our ever-expanding global agronomy programme provides partners and potential customers with an independently validated dataset which demonstrates the efficacy of POLY4 on a wide range of different crops in varying geographic and climatic conditions.

    Penetrate existing markets and drive long-term value

    We have a three-step approach to our marketing strategy:

    • Substitution – utilising POLY4 as a substitute for other existing fertilizers which include one or more of the same primary nutrients contained in polyhalite. This disruptive approach will ensure POLY4 is widely available in all markets.
    • Market growth – today there is an unmet demand for lower chloride potassium sources, and making POLY4 widely available at a commercial price point will unlock new sources of demand and opportunities to adopt greener and more sustainable agricultural practices.
    • Performance – our successful extensive crop trial programme consistently demonstrates strong performance from POLY4 and we believe this performance will underpin premium pricing for the product over the long term

    Execute a financing plan that delivers returns for shareholders

    The Company has taken a rigorous, phased approach to executing the financing plan. At each stage of development, appropriate capital has been raised to deliver the next development milestone. The Company is focussed on shareholder value and pursuing the most efficient and cost-effective capital structure to develop the Project.