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The Company has selected Associated Mining Construction UK and Hochtief Murphy Joint Venture as preferred contractors for the mine site development and the mineral transport system respectively. Further work packages that are currently out to tender and those that are planned to soon be issued are outlined below.

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Site preparation

The scope of the final stage site preparation tender will involve the establishment of the construction site in advance of the main shaft sinking works at the mine site and intermediate shaft at Lockwood Beck. Works include construction of working area platforms, site access and haul roads.


Support services

Other work packages, such as the services necessary for the effective functioning of a major construction site, will be announced on the website. These could include site accommodation, security, haulage, lighting and ancillary civil construction works.



We are committed to giving local businesses the opportunity to become suppliers. Our major contractors are required to make opportunities available to businesses from the area and there will be a number supply chain events and workshops during the construction period.

You can register your interest in working with us, or our major contractors, using our online form and you will be informed of any upcoming events.

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