Global market

We believe that POLY4 has significant market potential, which we aim to realise through our initial market penetration strategy - to make the product widely available through established distribution channels at competitive pricing to comparable products.

The size of the market opportunity for POLY4 is framed in three key areas - as a substitute for existing products, to supply a growing multi-nutrient demand and as a premium product – and is outlined below.

MULTIPLE SUBSTITUTION OPPORTUNITIES: according to analysis by industry specialists the contestable market opportunity for POLY4 as a substitute for existing products will be 376 Mtpa in 2018, far in excess of the Project's 20 Mtpa full production capacity.

MARKET GROWTH POTENTIAL: according to analysis by industry specialists, the increasing demand for key attributes of POLY4, such as its suitability for use on chloride sensitive crops and its ability to address sulphur and magnesium soil deficiencies, accounts for a total 130 Mtpa of POLY4 demand potential.

PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: Demand for multi-nutrient fertilizers continues to grow and as the performance of POLY4 becomes more widely validated, it is expected that so will its ability to attract a premium.