How does POLY4 work?

Fertilizers make crops grow faster and bigger so that crop yields are increased, by providing plants with the essential chemical elements needed for growth. They're minerals, so once spread on the field they must first dissolve in water so that plants can absorb them through their roots. POLY4 contains four of the six minerals needed by crops in significant quantities:

POLY4 macro-nutrient, potassium

Supports crop yield while improving sustainability (e.g. disease resistance) and resilience to climatic stress (e.g. drought)

POLY4 macro-nutrient, sulphur

Required for protein synthesis and also ensures greater efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer use

POLY4 macro-nutrient, magnesium

Vital to enzyme activity in crops and a key component of chlorophyll, the green pigment that enables photosynthesis

POLY4 macro-nutrient, calcium

Provides structural strength in plant cell walls (deficiency can cause a range of diseases, particularly in vegetables)

Nitrogen and phosphorus are also required, so farmers must use a balanced fertilizer plan that is appropriate for their particular crop and soil conditions to achieve maximum yield. Having four nutrients in one fertilizer helps farmers to control costs by decreasing the amount of fertilizer and farm inputs. In addition, because POLY4 dissolves more slowly than other fertilizers, its nutrients are delivered over a time frame which more closely aligns with the needs of a plant, reducing nutrient waste.


The nutrients in POLY4 are available throughout a crop's lifecycle and support the crop from establishment through to harvest, compared to conventional fertilizers which tend to be applied and deliver nutrients ahead of crop demand. This is achieved because POLY4 granules release their nutrients gradually.

Common fertilizer practice tends to apply nutrients at sowing, when plant demand is small - over time, these nutrients can be lost through erosion, runoff or leaching, and so become unavailable towards the end of the plant’s life cycle where nutrient demand is at its highest. However, if a farmer uses POLY4 to supply potassium, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, these nutrients become available over a longer timeline, which more closely meets the nutrient uptake requirements of the plant. This is a key profit driver for farmers, as more nutrients are used by the crop for yield and quality improvements.


POLY4 is a granular product that can be used in mechanical spreaders to ensure an even distribution of nutrients onto their crops.

The strength of the granules and non-chemical processing means that farmers can rely on it to maintain its physical integrity until it reaches the field and there are no negative interactions with other fertilizers, making it a beneficial yet safe addition to a blend.

To find out more, please visit our POLY4 website.

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