Shaft sinking

  1. Drilling: The floor is marked out and the drill rig set up. Depending on the ground conditions, holes will be drilled to a depth of up to 4m.
  2. Blasting: On completion of drilling, the holes will be charged and the blast will be detonated from the surface.
  3. Mucking: After a blast, the stage will be lowered to a point where the bottom deck would be about 15m above the shaft bottom and kibbles would be used to hoist blasted material from the shaft bottom.
  4. Cleaning/blow-over process: When mucking out is complete, the floor will be blown clean using an air lance in preparation for drilling.
  5. Shaft lining: Following excavation of approximately 6m of shaft, the permanent concrete lining will be installed. The lining type will be installed per the design requirements, based on the existing ground conditions. The distance to be excavated before the lining is installed depends on the ground conditions encountered.

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