Our Project Plan

Mine and mineral transport

The Woodsmith Mine, located south of Whitby in North Yorkshire, will have an initial production capacity of 10 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) and full production of 20 Mtpa.

From the outset the Project has been designed to ensure that it is sensitive to the local landscape. Surface buildings will be limited to a minimum and screened by the existing woodland, together with new landscaping which blends in with the surrounding area.

All mined polyhalite will be transported underground to the materials handling facility on the low impact mineral transport system (MTS), incorporating a high-capacity conveyor belt system in a 37 km tunnel, which will be 4.3m diameter and capable of transporting 20 Mtpa. The technology involved is well understood and widely used in underground mines around the world.

Along the MTS route there will be an intermediate shaft located at Lockwood Beck, which will be utilised to support the construction of the tunnel and used for ventilation and occasional maintenance access during operations. Planning permission has also been granted for two further intermediate shafts at Lady Cross Plantation and Tocketts Lythe.


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November 2016

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