Our Project Plan

Materials handling and harbour

Located in Teesside at Wilton International, the materials handling facility (MHF) will consist of the plant and equipment necessary to granulate the polyhalite and create the final product.

The mined ore will be received from the MTS tunnel conveyor into a surge bin and then crushed and milled before being taken to the screening facility. Oversized ore will be screened out and returned to the crusher, whilst the remaining ore is conveyed to the granulation area where it is converted into pellets and dried before being taken to the product storage building.

The finished product will be transported from the MHF along covered, elevated conveyor bridges to the new harbour facilities ready for export. At full production this will include two berths suitable for handling high capacity Panamax ships and the required ship loading equipment.

Planning approval for the MHF and an application for the harbour facilities Development Consent Order have both been granted.


Harbour animation

November 2016

Project Summary Document