Highways scheme

Site entrance


To facilitate the flow of traffic along the B1416, the road will be widened near the southern entrance to the site and a right turn filter lane will be created for vehicles from the B1416 to access the site. This will be the main site entrance during both construction and operations.

Start date

Works will commence on 30 January 2017 and be completed by Easter 2017.

Working hours

Monday to Friday, 7.00 am - 7.00 pm, mainly during daylight hours and avoiding weekends if possible. There will be night time working for resurfacing towards the end of the works for a maximum of two nights.

Traffic management

Temporary traffic lights will be required. There will be a 40 mph speed restriction on the B1416 for the duration of construction, from the A171 turning to just beyond the northern boundary of the mine site.

24-hour helpline

0845 543 8964


B1416 (approx. 2km from A171/B1416 junction)

Site entrance

Scheme plan