Highways works

As part of the planning conditions for the mine and minerals transport system we are required to implement a number of highways improvements. These will help to improve the safe flow of traffic and increase pedestrian safety.

We recently completed four highways schemes in and around Whitby and work has started at the turning from the A171 onto Swindale Lane. A summary of the upcoming and completed schemes is provided below and more details can be found using the links on the right.

Further highways works will be undertaken in Autumn 2017, more details will be available on this page nearer the time.

A171/Swindale Lane junction (current)

The turning from the A171 onto Swindale Lane will be widened and a right turn filter lane created. As part of the scheme the entrance to Swindale Lane will be relocated by approximately 100m to the west.

Pavement works (complete)

Seven pedestrian crossing points will be improved at side roads along the A171 through Whitby. The kerbs will be lowered and tactile paving will be installed to improve the safety of pedestrians, particularly for wheelchairs, pushchairs and mobility scooters.

Site entrance (complete)

To facilitate the flow of traffic along the B1416, the road will be widened near the southern entrance to the site and a right turn filter lane will be created into the site. This will be the main site entrance both during construction and operations.

A171/B1416 turning (complete)

The turning from the A171 onto the B1416 will be widened and a right turn filter lane created. This filter lane will enable vehicles from the Whitby direction to wait to turn without disrupting the flow of traffic.

Helredale crossing (complete)

A signalised pedestrian crossing will replace the existing, uncontrolled crossing point to enable pedestrians to cross the A171 (Helredale Road) more safely.

Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum. Road users, local residents, businesses and schools will be informed of upcoming works and there will be a 24-hour helpline available for queries for the duration of the improvements.

***24-hour helpline: 0845 543 8964***

Details of any necessary traffic management or night working for each scheme can be found using the links on the right.

The maps below show the approximate location of each scheme.

Current highways scheme

A171/Swindale Lane junction

Complete highways scheme

Pavement works

Complete highways scheme

Site entrance

Complete highways scheme

A171/B1416 turning

Complete highways scheme

Helredale crossing