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This section outlines the headline construction schedule over the next five years and provides more details of works that are happening now or coming soon.


  • Highways works to improve pedestrian safety in Whitby and access to Woodsmith Mine have been completed on schedule.

  • Site preparation at Woodsmith Mine has commenced and is progressing well. Works include site clearance, screening and soil storage, acoustic and security fencing, drainage works, and construction of the site roads and the shaft sinking platform.

  • Geotechnical investigation works continue to be carried out at the mine site and are on schedule.

  • Site preparation works are now underway at the intermediate shaft site at Lockwood Beck, together with highways works to improve access to the site.

  • The Company has been discussing revised plans to simplify the mine infrastructure with the local planning authority and will submit a 'Section 73 application' in respect of the proposed amendments, the details of which are outlined below.

More details are available using the links to the right. Please click here for our latest quarterly update.

Liaison Group Forum

The next forum is scheduled for Monday 23 October from 1pm – 2.30pm. This will take place in the Hilda Room, Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby, YO21 3QN.

Yearby drilling works

Investigative drilling works, to support the detailed engineering designs for the mineral transport system (MTS), will begin on Monday 25 September and continue for a four-week period.

A small drilling rig will be located approximately 600m from Yearby, and will be used to drill a borehole to a depth of approximately 100m.

Drilling will be undertaken between 7.00am to 7.00pm during weekdays and on alternate weekends, with the possibility of 24-hour operations as the works progress.

Our community helpline number is available 24 hours a day on 0845 543 8964.

Woodsmith Mine plans simplified

Sirius Minerals has now published revised plans for the mine site. It has been discussing its proposals with the local planning authority and will submit the required ‘Section 73 application’ in respect of the proposed amendments in the coming days.

The proposed amendments will simplify construction, improve efficiency and also reduce some environmental impacts during construction. The primary amendment involves the relocation and reorientation of the approved buildings at the site above re-designed foreshafts. This will enable permanent winders to be installed from the outset, removing the need for two 45m high temporary winding towers during the five-year construction period and the requirement for an access drift.

The change will mean that the footprint of the site buildings will increase slightly, by less than 6%. Building heights will not change and the site will still be screened as before.

It is proposed to relocate some of the water attenuation ponds to the east of the site which means that trees that were going to be removed will be retained.

Limiting impacts

The planning permissions for the Project include a range of planning conditions that cover areas such as traffic movements, noise and site lighting, amongst others. The Company will operate within these limits and will continue to seek to limit the impact of construction on people living, working and visiting the local area wherever possible.


We will ensure that local residents, businesses, schools and other stakeholders nearby the works are notified and provided with further details before work on each site commences. This will include letters, newsletters, press releases and in some cases public exhibitions.

It is also important to us that people have the opportunity to contact us directly if they have questions or concerns about the Project. We can be contacted on our 24-hour community helpline on 0845 543 8964.

Liaison Group Forum

There are quarterly Liaison Group Forum meetings with local elected representatives that are open to members of the public to attend. The purpose of these meetings is to provide Project updates and receive community feedback. Minutes of meetings are available using the link to the right and future meetings will be publicised on this website.


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