Scoping report submitted to simplify mine plans

The Company has been discussing its proposals with the local planning authority. A Scoping Report has been submitted in advance of a ‘Section 73 application’ in respect of the proposed amendments.

The primary amendment involves the relocation and reorientation of the approved buildings at the site above re-designed foreshafts. This simplification will enable permanent winders to be installed from the outset, removing the need for two 45m high temporary winding towers during the five-year construction period and the requirement for an access drift.

The change will mean that the footprint of the site buildings will increase slightly, by less than 6%. Building heights will not change and the site will still be screened as before.

Another amendment involves the relocation of some water attenuation ponds to the east of the site which means that trees that were going to have to be removed can now be retained.

The Company is committed to maintaining the community benefits payments for environmental enhancements, skills development, highways improvements and tourism promotion.

The section 73 application is likely to be submitted this summer, after which it will be available on the local authority’s website to view.

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