Health and Safety

The development and ongoing operation of a deep polyhalite mine in North Yorkshire and associated infrastructure in Teesside will be a challenging undertaking that will face all of the risks and hazards relating to the construction of any mining operation.

Our main priority is to ensure that everyone connected with our business returns home safely every day, whether they are a member of staff, a contractor or a member of the public. Safety is our number one objective and we continually do our utmost to make every element of our business safer. We are committed to:

  • Carrying out safe and efficient operations
  • Operating in a manner that ensures the safety of staff, contractors and the wider community
  • Developing a positive safety culture

While single-site mining projects are complex enough, our project covers three main sites and requires the appointment of multiple contractors during the construction phase. It is critical that for all sites and development phases, health and safety remains the top priority and permeates all of our business areas. In 2016, we refined our Health and Safety Policy and developed a Safety Management System that established a practical framework to which all employees, contractors and other parties can relate in their day-to-day roles. This approach provides clarity and consistency to behaviour, communication, documentation and control.

Developing a robust policy

The organisation’s Health and Safety Policy is arranged into four areas, whose overarching objectives are maintaining safe and efficient operations. They comprise:

  • Leadership
  • Competence
  • Workforce involvement
  • Major hazard control systems

Our Health and Safety Policy will be put into practice, managed and continuously developed using the company’s Safety Management System, established in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007.

Incident investigation procedures

The Company’s Safety Management System outlines a health and safety management structure that identifies clear lines of reporting and accountability.

Investigation procedures are in place to assess the immediate, underlying and root causes of any incidents, accidents and near-misses, without apportioning blame. These procedures involve the relevant members of the workforce and, additionally, pinpoint corrective and preventative measures as we seek continual improvement.

All of the pertinent results and recommendations are relayed back to the wider workforce once an investigation has been concluded.

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